Here are some easy to remember laundry tips to keep your clothes in the best condition:

1. Wash on warm, not on hot water.

Heat isn’t nice to clothes. It’s not friendly on nicer clothes’ natural fibers.

2. Dry on medium.

Many mistake speedy dryer for efficiency. Again, heat isn’t good for clothes. Dry your clothes on medium. Remember, saving a few minutes of dry-time isn’t worth it if your clothes are ruined.

3. Separate your loads.

This is the most basic laundry rule. You should sort your clothes not only between whites and colors. You should also separate your workout apparel from dress shirts, and sort your laundry based on washing and drying temperature levels.

4. Don’t overload the washer or the dryer.

While it is advised to fully load the washer to save electricity, don’t overload it. The washer won’t be as effective when there’s no more space for the water and detergent to move and slosh around in.

5. Check your pockets and collars before throwing them into the washer.

Make this a habit while sorting your laundry. Doing this would avoid damage to the clothes in case you left your pen, bubble gum, or a piece of metal. It’s better to be cautious pre-wash than seeing the damage done after.

6. Dry your clothes up to 90 percent if you’ll iron them after.

If you plan to iron your clothes, it is advisable to not overly bake them in the hot dryer. A slightly damp shirt is easier to iron than clothes that are full of creases because of drying. But bear in mind that you should keep your clothes a bit damp and not soaking wet. Your hot iron would cause more damage to your soaking wet clothes.

7. Leave washer door slightly open after the cycle ends.

This is intended to allow the moisture to evaporate, instead of turning into a moldy or damp smell.

8. Use white vinegar for stinky gym clothes.

White vinegar is heaven’s gift in getting rid of icky odors from sweaty clothes. Before you wash your gym clothes, you may soak them in the sink with one cup of white vinegar and some cold water.

9. Say no to antiperspirant and yes to deodorant.

If you would like to get rid of your shirt’s yellow stains, then stop using antiperspirants and switch to deodorants. Those stains are due to the aluminum content of antiperspirants. So to avoid getting them, use the more clothes-friendly deodorants.

10. Know what clothes are not to be thrown into the washer or dryer.

There are certain types of clothes that aren’t compatible with washing machines, even if their tags say so. For instance, cotton sportcoats and wool sweaters will lose their shape once machine washed. Shapeless clothes are basically ruined so you better check this before throwing them in the washer.