The process of dry cleaning isn’t a common knowledge. Wondering how dry cleaners do the job? Workers follow several steps to ensure that the work is done:

1. Tagging and Inspection

At this step, dry cleaners count your items and tag them for identification. The date of drop off is also recorded and the expected date of pickup. A special tag is used if certain clothes require some special attention.

Once clothes are dry cleaned, they go through a quality check and grouped together using the tags. They’re re-assembled and bundled for customer pickup.

2. Pre-treatment

This part is the procedure where stain removers are applied into the clothes. For wet stains, water may do the trick. For dry stains, solvents are applied to clothes by tapping the fabric to bleed off the stains. Clothes are then rinsed and allowed to dry.

3. Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaners would then placed the treated clothes in a perforated stainless basket. Afterward, the basket is placed to rotate in the dryer. While being rotated, there is a constant pumping of liquid solvent.

Next would be the rapid spinning to expel the dirty solvent from the clothes. Should there remain any solvent, the clothes go into the dry cycle by circulating warm air through the clothes.

4. Post-spotting

This is actually a quality control step. This involves the process of removing stains that have lingered even after the dry cleaning process.

Dry cleaning could be thoroughly done most of the time. It can remove a majority of soil and most type of stains. But there’s a small percentage of very stubborn stains that may not be entirely removed for a variety of reasons, and the post-spotting process ensures you get your clothes back looking great.

5. Finishing

The last step includes pressing, steaming, ironing, folding, packaging, and other finishing touches.

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